Impact-resistant, dust-proof and water-resistant, the T5000 is an S3 staple and standard in the case industry. Made out of high impact S433 resin and corrosion resistant materials, this case will go anywhere and do anything. This case comes standard with Pick-n-Pluck foam, customizable to any standard, and an option for custom foam on commercial quotes!

Inside Dimensions:

  • 9.37β€³ long
  • 7.34β€³ wide
  • 4.08β€³ deep
  • 238.0 mm long
  • 186.4 mm wide
  • 103.6 mm deep

Outside Dimensions:

  • 10.18β€³ long
  • 8.55β€³ wide
  • 4.78β€³ deep
  • 258.6 mm long
  • 217.2 mm wide
  • 121.4 mm deep