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Diamondium™ is our trade name for the material that has redefined our expectations on flavor, quickly earning a place in the pinnacle of dab experiences.


-First rate flavor

-Extremely durable

-Excellent heat retention

-Very easy to clean


In the early days of exploring the relationship between material science and dabs, this had made our radar but was deemed too expensive to justify pursuing.  A few years ago, we decided to just do it anyway, and have been astonished by the flavor results.


Even these small parts are a transformative addition to any setup.  Blind taste tests and hundreds of reviews all conclude the same: unparalled flavor.


Heat retention is comparable to sapphire, but the thermal shock value is almost as good as quartz.  Normal dab conditions should offer no issues or damage.


Flavor is effectively chemical preservation through phase change, and the factors that render a material more or less suitable are exceedingly complex.  This is a major part of our lives' work, and there's no simple explanation on hand.