Artist: Eric Ross 4.0

- Caps sold seperate


The T2 is a new addition to the Tourbillon series.  It features an extra thick 3/16 inch polished quartz disk on the bottom. This allows for a very long heat retention. I do not recommend using without some type temperature device.  Using only a timer will be very tricky because with all the extra quartz cool down time will greatly vary depending on how its heated. Also, these work great for cold starts. Some of these photos show it with a Turbo Top (sold separately). I highly recommend them for a cap.

25mm Quartz Bucket

-Features 2 holes drilled at an angle, so when you cover the top, air spins inside the bucket. Great for spinning beads.

-2.5mm wall thickness

-25mm OD, 20mm ID

-New OG 4.0 Logo etched into each joint