The Blunt Beast Roach Clip (A.K.A. the Classic Beast, A.K.A. “THE BRUCE”) is the original Mystic Timber Roach Clip and is the largest handled tool we sell. Designed by Bruce “Jorgy” Jorgensen for his personal use in the household chill room, especially when sharing your smoke with others. The first Blunt Beasts involved an eleven inch wand and had a single set of grips near the smoking end. As the style evolved through time, and extensive field testing, a second set of grips were added near the base to facilitate passing, and the shaft was shortened to a more comfortable eight inches.

This size is useful in a variety of smoking situations and is Bruce’s personal favorite. Like all of our Mystic Timber Roach Clips, the Blunt Beast Roach Clip keeps the structural integrity of your handroll intact, makes it last longer and keeps the smell off your fingers.