MAGNA Pocket Roach Clip by Mystic Timber is a NextGen stealthy pocket roach clip. Building on our already hugely popular Pocket Roach Clip, we designed the MAGNA Pocket Roach Clip because of popular demand. Working smoking people suggested we add another utilitarian aspect to a private legal seshing experience: MAGNETS!!!

Our solution to losing your tool after a sesh was by adding a Rare-Earth Magnet. Rare-Earth Magnets are strong permanent magnets made from alloys of rare-earth elements. They can hold up to four pounds and not lose their magnetic properties. They are inserted and glued to the shaft end of the traditional Pocket Beast. A burning hand-roll or pre-roll can be held and the shaft can be”stuck” to any ferrous metal surface. Keep it burning near a (nonflammable) workstation and picked up again as needed without fear.

The MAGNA Pocket Roach Clips are useful tools:

• Sticks to any ferrous surface (Most Refrigerators – and anything that accepts a magnet)
• Holds up to 4 pounds
• Its’ uses are only limited by your imagination!