Company: Victory Glass Works

Luna uses a spin collar for even rotation.  While it is far less likely to splash than a conventional autospinner, less force makes it to the bottom.  As such, it pairs better with pillars than pearls.


"Highrise" means the intakes are closer to the side arm - offering more working volume at the expense of some power.

Pillars & pearls sold seperate


Victory Glassworks  20mm Luna, standard  20mm Luna, highrise
Beveled Top Outer Diameter:  20mm Diameter  20mm Diameter
Beveled Top Inner Diameter:  15mm Diameter  15mm Diameter
Column Wall Thickness:  2.5mm Thick  2.5mm Thick
Solid Dish Bottom Thickness:  5mm Thick  5mm Thick
Area Under Air Intake  24mm Deep  32mm Deep
Total Dish Height  62mm Tall 62mm Tall