Lerk The World Full Body 3-8 Pre-Sell

Artist : Lerk The World 

- In preperation for our next show "From Lerk with LOVE" January 14th we will be offering Pre-sell on Full Body's  #'s (3-8)  of 2021! Standers and sitter styles will be available and colors will sometimes be a mystery! Lerk has been working on this concept for a while and these will not dissapoint! Each Presell will get also get early ONLINE access to the show and each PRe-Sell will include PEliCan CAse! 

- #3 Double Amber Purple

- #4 Mystery Color

- #5 Mystery Color 

- #6 Crushed Opal + Mystery Color

- #7 Crushed Opal + Ghost

- #8 Pastel Potion