The T6000 model is one of the largest cases S3 offers. Made out of S433 resin and corrosion resistant materials, this case will store any of your large valuables. This case comes standard with Pick-n-Pluck foam, customizable to any standard, and an option for custom foam on commercial quotes.
~11.93" X 9.02" X 4.05"

~Weight: 64.32 ounces

~Material: S433 Resin Waterproof & Dust-Proof (IP67 Rated)

~Rated to 3 feet water depth for 30 minutes


~Temperature Rating: -35˚F — 175˚F

~Pressure Equalization Purge Knob

~Marine Quality Corrosion Resistance

~Locking Capabilities

~Lifetime Conditional Warranty