A color variation of our most popular style hoody to date, we wanted to add some life to the design without straying from the style. 

The "Smile" design came about after our second year in business during a rough time for us. We were hitting a wall and needed something to remind us what was important, and  happiness at it's first sign, a smile was something we needed more of, and so as a reminder we wrote SMILE seven times on the sleeve to signify how important this simple gesture was to us.  At it's core this Hoody was made to help positive energy going throughout the building process of the business POSITIVE VIBES. Definitely a super important design that came at the perfect time for us because it brought a lot of smiles to all of us, something a new hoody or jacket sort of always does. Stay tuned for at least one more color variation of this style before the end of the year.  -Jeremiah